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Have the Time of Your Life by Going on an Irish Holiday

Rolling verdant hills, folklores and superstitious beliefs, magnificent ancient castles, historic monuments, picturesque landscapes, sparkling lakes—these are all what usually comes to mind when you think of Ireland.

When you come on holiday to beautiful Ireland, you’ll not only discover a culture steeped in history, but a people so welcoming and a country where adventure and exploration is right at your fingertips. So begin your journey with us and we'll see to it that you truly have the time of your life.

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Going on an Adventure Holiday: Practical Tips to Maximise Your Experience

Posted on June 20, 2014

Planning to go on an adventure holiday? Whether you want to go on a cycle holiday in France, sightseeing tour in Ireland or fishing trip in the UK, the world is indeed full of places that can satisfy your wanderlust... Click for more!

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Saving Money on Business Travel

Posted on May 20, 2014

As a small business owner, you need to put a considerable amount of planning into your business travels to reduce your overall expenses. Although you can't control airfare, accommodation and transportation costs, there are ways to still save money, without necessarily making your trip miserable... Click for more!

Travel to Your Heart's Content: What to Indulge Yourself in During a Holiday?

Posted on March 05, 2014

Embarking on a different territory only means getting new loads of experiences. Travelling is a popular pastime for plenty of people, not just for the can-afford people. However, not every traveller can really experience a certain destination due to time constraints and other travel-related woes... Click for more!

Need Accommodation? Pick One Based on Activity Options

Posted on January 29, 2014

Deciding where to stay is a major concern when travelling. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. With plenty of lodging options available, from a self-catering holiday home to a bed & breakfast, you’re likely to develop a headache before you can make a final decision. You can always choose based on... Click for more!

A Look into Different Types of Rental Cars to Use When Travelling

Posted on January 28, 2014

When you go travelling, you want to get to your intended destination in the quickest time possible. Although taking public transportation is an option, driving your own vehicle lets you get there a lot quicker because you no longer have to rely on bus and train schedules... Click for more!

Hobbyist Essentials: The 4 Must-Haves of a Bird Watcher

Posted on January 28, 2014

What exactly can you get with birdwatching? A recently published, New York Times article states that bird watching today is a way of knowing what's going on with the Earth's environment. By studying the migration and nesting patterns of birds, birdwatchers could derive the actual impact of climate change on... Click for more!

4 Important Questions to Ask When Organising Your Summer Holiday

Posted on December 20, 2013

Most (if not all) people want to travel to different places during summer. After all, who wants to stay at home when they could be lounging around in luxurious apartment in Sicily, exploring the marvellous beaches in Thailand or going on a safari in Kenya? However, if you’re planning to... Click for more!

What You Need to Know in Planning an Awesome Road Trip

Posted on November 21, 2013

If there is one thing that you should or should have done while you are in the university, it is going on a road trip. Telling others that you've done it can feel really awesome. But road trips today are not limited to hyperactive young students who have just been... Click for more!

Take your next Holiday in Ireland

Posted on November 19, 2013

If Ireland is your next holiday destination choice you can’t go far wrong in opting for a luxury self-catering villa. Accommodation is in good locations and offers high standards of living space. Farmhouse villas have every amenity and facility to make holidays absolutely perfect. There’s plenty to see and do... Click for more!

Irish Adventures: The Best of What Ireland Has to Offer

Posted on November 19, 2013

Located in the far west of Europe, Ireland is proudly nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, and the Irish Sea. Long standing as a cultural hotspot for tourists, it is now growing in popularity as a destination for outdoor adventures... Click for more!

Things You Need to Try to Ensure a Fantastic Holiday

Posted on November 18, 2013

So many things have been said about travel, but one fact remains the same—it is still the most beloved form of leisure in the world. And why not? When you talk about seeing new places, hearing new sounds, tasting new flavours, and feeling new highs, you are sure that every... Click for more!

Ingredients of a Perfect Holiday: Villa Accommodation and Rental Car

Posted on November 16, 2013

You are probably one of those people who excitedly wait for the holiday season each year. It is during this period when you can simply relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and momentarily say goodbye to all the problems and worries in life. However, this does not mean you can... Click for more!

How to find the Perfect Holiday in the Emerald Isle

Posted on November 16, 2013

These days, we are seeing many more people that are choosing to take their summer holidays in converted luxury villas. These are generally located in rural areas or places that are well known for their natural beauty such as County Limerick in Ireland. Many people also choose to tour these... Click for more!

Enjoy some Olde World Charm on Vacation

Posted on September 02, 2013

If you’ve never been to Ireland before now’s the time to put that right. There is some fantastic holiday accommodation available for singles, couples and families to enjoy the many interesting sights Ireland has to offer ranging from:-... Click for more!

Booking cheap cruises on the River Shannon

Posted on September 02, 2013

Most people that take the time to do some research on Limerick in preparation for a well-earned holiday in this part of Ireland may be surprised to learn that this city was the first place to be honoured with the prestigious title of ‘City of Culture’. Of course... Click for more!

Why Share Office Space with another Business?

Posted on September 02, 2013

Although the global economic downturn has negatively affected many businesses around the world, it isn’t all gloom that businesses are experiencing; in fact many have found the economic situation of late has benefitted them in that they’re working in a more cost effective manner, and without having to sacrifice their... Click for more!

A Country Villa that has been renovated for Holiday Experiences

Posted on July 01, 2013

County limerick is one of the most stunningly beautiful regions of Ireland and holidaying in a luxury country villa can be a dream come true. Being situated in such a gorgeous rural location presents a fantastic opportunity to explore the lovely Irish countryside on foot. However, the weather in this... Click for more!

Enjoying Your Ireland-Australia Holidays by Engaging in Fun Activities

Posted on May 08, 2013

Travelling to wonderful beauty spots is a good way unwind and strengthen your bond with your family and friends. It is also a great way to meet new people, immerse in their homeland's culture, eat food you have never tried before, and see wonderful tourist attractions. That is why if... Click for more!

Enjoying the Irish Countryside on a Bike

Posted on March 18, 2013

Although some people tend to stick to a particular region of the world they will travel to for their annual holiday, many others prefer to add a bit of variety to their vacations by considering alternatives. The same kind of approach is often used with regards to the selection of... Click for more!